One of our friends here at GITEC is Bernd Meiser. He is a true expert in analog circuit design and particularly excels in the design of boosters (whether treble, broad-band or whatever). In fact, he has his own company manufacturing these devices. Bernd also writes articles for guitar magazines, discussing all kinds of effects devices. He recently agreed to a reworking and republication of articles of his in the framework of the GITEC websites, and I recently came across the below oeuvre which I found particularly entertaining – especially because Bernd’s own take on music and the business shines through! I decided to translate it into English, hoping to keep Bernd’s way of writing intact, and hoping that you will enjoy the article as much as I did!

Here you go: British FX-Boxes & Zeitgeist

T.Z., April 2019

P.S.: By the way, more translations of articles by Bernd Meiser will follow, and while this one here recounts more the history, the following articles will dive into the specific circuitry of various fuzz and overdrive devices.