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Things have been conspicuously quiet around here lately … however, that’s on our website only! Of course, we have been rather busy, with the result that we could complete the translation of Chapter 7 of Prof. Zollner’s book „Physics of the Electric guitar. Check it out in the chapter listing here (scroll down far to Chapter 7), or get a full download here (a lot of data – might take a while).

After the last updates (relating to amplifier electronics and loudspeakers), this time we have a massive amount of information on the mechanics of the electric guitar available.

While overall not as conclusive as the chapters on pickups of amplifiers in terms of influence on the (electric) sound of the guitar, Chapter 7 is maybe the most interesting material yet because addresses an area where in magazines and on the internet we find tremendous amounts of pure (not necessarily well-founded) opinions, hearsay, voodoo, fairytales, ideas conjured up about of thin air, and sheer allegation. What does the wood of an electric guitar contribute to the electric sound? What about the hardware? How are mechanic resonances important? In what way does the headstock angle or the neck angle matter from a scientific pint of view? These are all question that many address – but very few of those have a real clue about what they are talking about.


As mentioned, Prof. Zollner’s book does not give as many conclusive answers as we would like to have – the matter simply is too complex and multi-dimensional. However, understanding exactly this complexity can help us tp make more educated decisions about our gear – and „Physics of the Electric Guitar“ is a great help towards that in-depth understanding of our instrument.


Hope you find the translation to be added value – it is a lot of work, after all …