Indeed, the translation of Chapter 7 of „Physics of the Electric Guitar“ announced in the last post is not all we go done. Our friend Volker Eichhorst arranged for some imported groundwork on the translation of the appendix of the book, and since the topic matched Chapter 7 rather well, we concluded translating this section of the book as well. Check it out here in the chapter listing (scroll down to the very bottom to get to the appendix), or here via a full direct download.


The appendix is a bit of a mixed bag:

  • on the one hand, it does dive deep into theory of wave propagation so it’s more a thing for those interested in advanced physics – however, combined with the animations we offer, the material provides for some really interesting insights;
  • on the other hand, there also something for those looking for some weird/strange and even humorous stuff in that there a section about the „Cryo-Schlock„. No more spoilers here … check out the posting.
  • also, the epilogue closes Prof. Zollner’s book with a theme that is a bit surprising considering his book is on guitars: „the drums must never stop ...“