O.K.  –   here we are back again! First of all, I hope that you are all healthy and in good shape, and able to navigate these strange times dominated by the CoVid-19 pandemic.

Indeed, it’s been an awfully long time coming … but at last here ist is: 3rd – and last – of our articles on the Fender Humbucker Pickup. All kinds of obstacles had to be taken care of, among other of course some connected to lockdown issues.

Still, some of us GITEC-guys could in the end get together and do some serious side-by-side testing of the CuNiFe-Pickups and some clones (and some other typical pickups), and the article got finally written up. It explains the testing procedures (aided MUCH by our special design „Pickup-Change-Guitar“) and some connected considerations. Also included are a lot of links to audio snippets with recordings of the various pickups in a number of sound settings and played in several different styles. I hope all the links work – if there are problems (or any kind of questions), do not hesitate to drop me a line here: dr.t@gitec-forum-eng.de

Thank you so much for your patience – we (at GITEC) hope that you find our elaborations as interesting as the whole test-process was for us!


Take care and stay healthy!