What PotEG hast to say about magnetic pickups

Magnetic pickups

translated by Tilmann Zwicker

5.1 Singlecoil pickups poteg-5-1-singlecoil-pus

5.2 Humbucking pickups poteg-5-2-humbucking-pus

5.3 Coaxial singlecoil pickups poteg-5-3-hum-compensated-sc-pus

5.4 The pickup’s magnetic field

5.4.1 The static field without string poteg-5-4-1-static-magnetic-field

5.4.2 The static field with string poteg-5-4-2-static-magnetic-field-with-string

5.4.3 The alternating magnetic field poteg-5-4-3-alternating-magnetic-field

5.4.4 Magnetic window (aperture) poteg-5-4-4-aperture

5.4.5 Absolute pickup sensitivity poteg-5-4-5-pickup-sensitivity

5.4.6 Staggered, level, and beveled polepieces poteg-5-4-6-staggered-beveled-polepieces

5.4.7 Fender Jaguar and Lace poteg-5-4-7-fender-jaguar-lace

5,4,8 DeArmond Pickups poteg-5-4-8-dearmond-pus

5.5 Basic pickup parameters

5.5.1 DC resistance poteg-5-5-1-dc-resistance

5.5.2 Coil inductance poteg-5-5-2-coil-inductance-capacity

5.5.3 Coil capacity

5.5.4 Resonance quality, Q-factor poteg-5-5-4-resonance-q-factor

5.5.5 Polarity poteg-5-5-5-pu-polarity

5.5.6 Time variance poteg-5-5-6-pu-time-variance

5.5.7 Wire coating, wax poteg-5-5-7-insulating-varnish-wax-and-bobbin

5.5.8 Flatware

5.5.9 Absolute sensitivity, loudness poteg-5-5-9-loudness-dc-resistance

5.6 Pickup measurement devices poteg-5-6-instrumentation-for-pu-measurements

5.7 Hum sensitivity poteg-5-7-sensitivity-to-hum

5.8 Nonlinear distortion poteg-5-8-non-linear-pu-distortion

5.9 Equivalent networks poteg-5-9-equivalent-circuits

5.9.1 Models and analogies

5.9.2 Impedance models Singlecoils with low eddy current losses Eddy currents in the nonmagnetic conductor Equivalent two-pole networks Eddy currents in the magnetic conductor Singlecoils with high eddy current losses Gibson-Humbucker: screw-coil Gibson-Humbucker: plug-coil Gibson-Humbucker: coupling of the coils

5.9.3 Equivalent transmission networks

5.9.4 Connected pickups

5.10 Analysis of the transfer behavior poteg-5-10-transfer-behavior

5.10.1 Measurements with a shaker

5.10.2 Measurements with a Helmholtz coil

5.10.3 Measurements with a coaxial coil

5.10.4 Measurements with a tripole coil

5.10.5 Measurements with a laser-vibrometer

5.10.6 Measurement accuracy

5.10.7 Finite Element Modeling

5.11 Directional characteristic of pickups poteg-5-11-directionality

5.11.1 String polarization

5.11.2 Wave polarization

5.12 Pickup noise poteg-5-12-noise

5.13 Pickup microphonics poteg-5-13-microphonics

5.14 Pickups with shorted turns poteg-5-14-shorts-in-the-winding

5.15 Database poteg-5-15-data-collection

5.16 Patents and Inventions poteg-5-16-inventions-and-discoveries

The Invisible Stuff – what PotEG has to say about Magnets and the Magnetic Field

Here’s what the Book „Physics of the Electric Guitar“ hold about

The Electromagnetic Field (poteg-4-magnetics)

Translation by Wolfgang Hönlein, proofread by Andrew Graham


4.1 Fundamentals of magnetostatic poteg-4-1-basics-of-magnetostatics

4.2 The magnetic potentials poteg-4-2-magnetic-potentials

4.3 Matter in the magnetic field poteg-4-3-matter-in-magnetic-fields

4.3.1 Soft magnetic materials – 4.3.2 Hard magnetic materials – 4.3.3 Nonmagnetic materials poteg-4-3-1-3-magnetic-materials

4.4 Pickup magnets poteg-4-4-pickup-magnets

4.4.1 Alnico magnets poteg-4-4-1-alnico-magnets Alnico-III and Alnico-I Alnico-II Alnico-V Additional Alnico materials Comparison of Alnico materials

4.4.2 Cunife magnets poteg-4-4-2-cunife-magnets

4.4.3 Ceramic magnets poteg-4-4-3-ceramic-magnets

4.5 Magnetic aging poteg-4-5-magnet-aging

4.6 The magnetic circuit poteg-4-6-magnet-circuit

4.7 Representation of magnetic fields poteg-4-7-1-field-representation-flux

4.7.1 Magnetic field strength and flux density

4.7.2 Magnetic potentials poteg-4-7-2-3-potentials-fields

4.7.3 Spatial fields

4.8 Field geometry inside materials poteg-4-8-distribution-in-materials

4.9 Mathematic field theory poteg-4-9-field-theory

4.10 Magnetodynamics poteg-4-10-magnetodynamics-induction-inductance

4.10.1 Magnetic voltage induction

4.10.2 Self induction, inductivity

4.10.3 Permeability poteg-4-10-3-permeability

4.10.4 Magnetic losses, magnetic skin effect poteg-4-10-4-magnetic-losses

4.11 Magnetic field forces

4.11.1 Maxwell force poteg-4-11-1-maxwell-force

4.11.2 Field related pitch modulation poteg-4-11-2-field-induced-pitch-deviations

4.11.3 Field related level modulations poteg-4-11-3-field-induced-amplitude-deviations

4.11.4 Field related dissipations poteg-4-11-4-field-induced-damping

4.11.5 Indirect sound effects poteg-4-11-5-indirect-effects-on-sound

4.11.6 Coulomb force poteg-4-11-6-coulomb-7-lorentz-force

4.11.7 Lorentz force

4.12 Magnetic figures of merit (table) poteg-4-12-magnetic-quantities-and-units