Vibration and Waves

Supplement: Vibration and waves

A.1 Oscillations vs. waves A-1-vibrations-&-waves

A.1.1 Forced oscillations

A.1.2 Free oscillations

A.1.3 Forced waves

A.1.4 Free waves

A.1.5 Standing waves

A.2 Longitudinal waves A-2-longitudinal-waves

A.2.1 Pure longitudinal waves

A.2.2 Dilatational waves in strings

A.3 Transversal waves A-3-transverse-waves

A.3.1 Pure transversal waves

A.3.2 Transversal waves in strings

A.4 Bending waves A-4-flexural-waves

A.4.1 Bars under zero tension, pure bending waves

A.4.2 Vibrations of a stiff string

A.4.3 Eigenmodes of bending waves

A.5 Wave resistance A-5-wave-impedance

A.6 Stiffness A-6-stiffness

A.7 Impulses A-7-impulses

A.8 The Ultimate end: cryo… A-8-unltimate-end-with-cryo-schlock


SUSTAIN! – What PotEG has to say about absorption of the vibration

7.7 Absorption of string oscillations poteg-7-7-absorption-of-string-oscillations

7.7.1 Radiation absorption poteg-7-7-1-radiation-damping

7.7.2 Internal dissipation poteg-7-7-2-internal-damping

7.7.3 Winding attenuation of wound strings poteg-7-7-3-damping-in-wound-strings

7.7.4 Bearing absorption poteg-7-7-4-bearing-damping Coupling of transversal waves poteg-7-7-4-1-transversal-wave-coupling Absorption of longitudinal waves poteg-7-7-4-2-longitudinal-wave-damping Residual absorption poteg-7-7-4-3-residual-string-damping Bearing conductance poteg-7-7-4-4-bearing-conductance

7.7.5 Finger-, hand- and capodaster-attenuation poteg-7-7-5-finger-hand-&-capo-damping

7.7.6 String aging poteg-7-7-6-old-strings

7.7.7 Flatwound strings poteg-7-7-7-flatwound-strings

What PotEG has to say about the basics of the string vibration

The Fundamentals of String Oscillations 

(translated by Tilmann Zwicker)


1.1 Transversal waves poteg-1-1-transversal-waves

1.2 Wound strings poteg-1-2-wound-strings

1.3 Inharmonic partials poteg-1-3-inharmonicity

1.3.1 Dispersion in the frequency domain poteg-1-3-1-frequency-domain-dispersion

1.3.2 Dispersion in the time domain poteg-1-3-2-time-domain-dispersion

1.4 Longitudinal waves / dilatational waves poteg-1-4-longitudinal-waves

1.5 Plucking a string poteg-1-5-picking-process

1.5.1 De-convolution of dispersion poteg-1-5-1-deconvolution-dispersion

1.5.2 Plectrum influence poteg-1-5-2-plectrum-influence

1.5.3 String bounce poteg-1-5-3-string-bouncing

1.5.4 String rattle poteg-1-5-4-string-buzz

1.6 The decay of string oscillations poteg-1-6-string-decay

1.6.1 Plane string oscillations  poteg-1-6-1-one-degree-of-freedom

1.6.2 Spatial string oscillations poteg-1-6-2-spatial-process

1.6.3 Partial level and summation level poteg-1-6-3-partial-and-summation-levels

1.6.4 Worn out strings poteg-1-6-4-old-strings

1.7 String lifetime poteg-1-7-string-lifetime