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Tonal Systems, our Hearing, and how to investigate it All – and some associated Quirks: PotEG on Psychoacoustics

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  1. Psychoacoustics poteg-8-psychoacoustics

8.1 Tone systems poteg-8-1-tonal-systems

8.1.1 The Pythagorean tone system poteg-8-1-1-pythagorean

8.1.2 Just intonation poteg-8-1-2-just

8.1.3 Tempered intonation poteg-8-1-3-tempered

8.1.4 Equal tempered intervals poteg-8-1-4-tempered-intervals

8.1.5 Typical guitar de-tuning poteg-8-1-5-6-guitar-detuning-and-stretched-tuning

8.1.6 The stretched intonation

8.2 Frequency and pitch poteg-8-2-frequency-and-pitch

8.2.1 Frequency measurement poteg-8-2-1-frequency-measurement

8.2.2 Frequency and pitch accuracy poteg-8-2-2-accuracy

8.2.3 Pitch detection poteg-8-2-3-pitch-perception

8.2.4 Grouping of partials poteg-8-2-4-partial-grouping

8.2.5 Inharmonicity of partials poteg-8-2-5-inharmonicity

8.3 The character of keys poteg-8-3-character-of-musical-keys

8.4 Consonance and dissonance poteg-8-4-consonance-and-dissonance

8.5 Timing and rhythm poteg-8-5-timing-and-rhythm

8.6 Loudness and timbre poteg-8-6-loudness-and-timbre

8.7 Listening tests poteg-8-7-auditory-experiments

8.7.1 Psychometry poteg-8-7-1-psychometrics

8.7.2 The un-amplified electric guitar poteg-8-7-2-unamplified-guitar

8.7.3 Tactile sensations poteg-8-7-3-tactile-perception