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Radiating the sound: The (Enclosure-) Box, Horns and Diffusors … and some stuff on Cables – and Studio Monitors

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Speaker Boxes, Horns, Diffusors …… and Cables and Studio Monitors

11.8 Loudspeaker cabinets

11.8.1 Basics poteg-11-8-1-enclosures-and-boxes-basics

11.8.2 Comparison of cabinet materials poteg-11-8-2-enclosure-materials

11.9 Beamblockers and Diffusors poteg-11-9-beam-blockers-diffusors

11.10 Horn loudspeakers poteg-11-10-horns

11.11 Studio monitors poteg-11-11-studio-monitors

11.12 Loudspeaker cables poteg-11-12-loudspeaker-cables