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TO START WITH: a mix of motivation, science and satire – the introduction of PotEG

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Prefaces (lots of them …):

– a) Some Words from the (main) Translator       poteg-00a-words-from-the-translator

– b) Preface – by Paco Beslmeisl (the mysterious)       poteg-00b-1-paco-beslmeisl

– c) Preface – by the Author       poteg-00b-2-author-manfred-zollner


Now let’s really start (… sort of):

Getting into the mood (Caution: lots of SATIRE here!)         TUNE IN – BUT DON’T DROP OUT!

0.1 Barking up some (wrong?) tree poteg-00c-1-barking-up-the-wrong-tree

0.2 Signature guitars poteg-00c-2-signature-guitars

0.3 Strings and the Orcus (cf. Schiller) poteg-00c-3-into-the-orkus

0.4 Unamplified solid body guitars poteg-00c-4-amp-less

0.5 The Growse-Glowsock-Affair poteg-00c-4-the-growse-glowsock-affair