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What PotEG has to say about piezo-pickups

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Piezoelectric pickups 

(translated by Tilmann Zwicker)

6.1 The piezoelectric process poteg-6-1-piezo-effect

6.2 Electric loading – loosing the bass poteg-6-2-piezo-high-pass-effect

6.3 The piezo pickup as a sensor – yes, that’s the pickup poteg-6-3-piezo-as-sensor

6.4 Reciprocity – the other way ‚round poteg-6-4-reciprocal-piezo

6.5 The piezo pickup as an actuator – indeed, it works that way, too poteg-6-5-piezo-as-actor

6.6 The disassembled pickup poteg-6-6-piezo-by-itself-in-isolation

6.7 Pickup noise – or is it the preamp-noise? poteg-6-7-noise-in-piezo-applications

6.8 Piezo pickup vs. microphone – less different that you think … it’s all in the EQ poteg-6-8-piezo-sound-vs-microphone-sound

6.9 Microphonics: howling away poteg-6-9-microphonics

6.10 Differences compared to magnetic pickups poteg-6-10-difference-between-piezo-and-magnetic-pickup

6.A Supplement: Piezoelectric state equations poteg-6-A-piezo-equations-of-state