Enhanced possibilities: Active Guitar-Electronics

In our third installment of articles by Helmuth Lemme, we go  – compared to the last topic of low impedance pickups and a lot of tricks to get various sound out of passive guitar electrics – completely the other way: we are looking at the possibilities that active guitar electronics offer. Once we get over the issue of having a battery onboard our guitars, active electronics would really seem the way to go. No more worrying about cable capacitance and length, about passive controls robbing high end and „cut“ in our sound. Active filters are possible that get rid of muddiness in the sound, or push the mids for a really screaming solo …

So let’s see what Helmuth has to say about

Active Guitar Electronics ….

P.S.: this article was originally issued in the magazine SUSTAIN (May, 2013); we appreciate being given the permission to re-publish it here!