No more interference … how to decrease noise and hum in electric guitars

I am quite excited: Helmuth Lemme, honorary GITEC-member and well-known expert in „all things electric guitar“ has made some articles available to us for publication. Helmuth has published books on the technical background of electric-guitar circuitry since the early 1970’s – among those interested in the topic in the German-speaking community, these books have legendary status! Unfortunately, only one of his oeuvre’s has made it to translation … but it’s available in its second, enhanced edition: „Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology“, ISBN 978-1-907920-87-5.

But enough of the author, let’s look at some content. The first article in our little „Helmuth Lemme“-series deals with getting rid a fair deal of that interference that electromagnetic pickups often are subjected to: hum and noise. Of course much interference is nicely taken care of by a humbucker, but what if you like that single-coil-sound your guitar has? Or if even the humbucker will not suppress noise sufficiently? Well there’s a lot than can be done, and in fact it can even be a great DIY-project, as is shown in Helmuth’s article.

However, that’s not the only aspect the article deals with – there’s more: info on cables and microphony is touched, as well.

So, check out the new article:


P.S.: this article was originally issued in the magazine SUSTAIN (May, 2013); we appreciate being given the permission to re-publish it here!